Bio Sculpture & Evo Career Training:
Total: R7840.00 including starter kit.
Kit Worth of R5343.00 - Carry bag, manuals, LED 30sec curing unit, 7 x 4.5g Bio Sculpture gel, 5 x Evo gel polishes, 4 gel brushes, nail treatments, solvents, spa products, buff and files, utensils wipes, tips, resin etc.

3-7 December 2018
14-18 January 2019

  Refresher Course:
  R100 booking fee
  New dates will be available soon
  Nail art Course:
  R500 training fee. Manual and kit optional
  7 December 2018
  Complete EVO Training:
  Total: R3800.00 (Kit Worth: R2800.00)
  6-7 December 2018
  17-18 January 2019

Conversion  Training
Total: R5140.00 Including kit (Kit worth of R3638.00)
5 days
3-7 December 2018
14-18 January 2019


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